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Spectrum Aerospace provides innovative state-of-the-art technological solutions in the fields of high reliable and commercial electronic components for space applications. Spectrum’s team optimizes the validation and qualification process of electronics components and space systems and delivers ad-hoc engineering solutions.


The Spectrum Aerospace team has accumulated over 60 years of experience in the aerospace field, as its members have been active in this field for decades. Spectrum Aerospace has participated in several important projects in the field of qualifying electronic components for use in space. Among these projects, the qualification of the German Aerospace Center's (DLR) OSIRIS laser communication module stands out.


Spectrum Aerospace is a NewSpace company and therefore is constantly innovating and seeking technical solutions for this burgeoning field of the space industry. We have several projects in development that will help us offer better services and products. We are also constantly seeking investors who wish to join us on this great adventure.

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Radiation Tests

Radioactive environments may affect the reliability of EEE parts and systems by degrading some electrical parameters of the device, leading in a worst-case scenario to an irreversible malfunction. Two radiation effects are of critical importance for EEE parts:

- Total Ionizing Dose (TID) gamma radiation (cumulative radiation process)

- Single Event Effects (SEE) by using energetic protons or heavy ions

Spectrum Aerospace Technologies has the experience to perform the tests according to MIL-Specs or ESA standards for radiation, i.e., for TID the ESCC22900 and for SEE the ESCC25100, or project-specific. All radiation test services include sample preparation, programming, test board development, and final reporting. Radiation effects are especially important in space technology but also in exigent terrestrial applications, e.g., nuclear medicine and industry, material science, high-energy physics, etc.

Screening Test

EEE parts and materials have to work under extreme conditions. Extreme temperature changes over several tens of degrees in a few minutes stress the hardware and can considerably reduce the component lifetime. Mechanical forces especially during launch can be simulated effectively by performing standard tests. Spectrum Aerospace Technologies performs destructive and non-destructive tests according to project requirements and provides complete solutions for EEE parts and materials qualification.

Hardware Upgrade for Space

Spectrum Aerospace can assist you in adapting commercial electronics for a space mission. This electronics can be either proprietary or from a third party. If it is proprietary electronics, we can also conduct radiation testing according to NASA and ESA standards.

Space Engineering

Spectrum offers highly valued engineering services in the following areas:

  • - Systems Engineering
  • - Hardware Development
  • - Software Development
  • - Embedded Systems
  • - Project Planning and Management
  • - Spacecraft Operations




High Reliability is fundamental for space missions. Cost reduction with high reliability and quality plays an important roll in the development of the space market. Selected commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics are tested and qualified by Spectrum Aerospace Technologies and offer a new perspective in the space technology. The so called Space-COTS allow SMEs and big players to redesign the evolution of the space field by introducing the best and modern technology performance in space. Space hardware industries can access a variety of parts from several manufacturers and provide a big design flexibility.

Quality, Reliability and Testing:

-Best pre-selected COTS

-Qualification tests based on ESA/MIL Standards

-Defined Radiation hardness levels

-Screening test by request

-Production of Hi-Rel parts based on COTS

-Complementary datasheet with space specifications

We are currently offering only Space-COTS bundles for specific solutions for customers who wish to upgrade their proprietary hardware and take it to a space-grade level by replacing commercial (COTS) components with equivalent Space-COTS. We are currently working on a Space-COTS catalog that will include both active and passive components. Private investments to expand these activities are also welcome. If you are interested in participating in our Space-COTS project, please contact us. For more details, visit our website space-cots.com



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